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Hello. Thank you for visiting this website.

However you arrived here - whether you simply stumbled upon it, or

you were prompted by the flyer that was popped in your letterbox, we welcome you to

the re-launch of Riverstone Lounge - a community resource for residents of Riverstone Terraces.

The concept of a website for Riverstone was originally developed by Arvind Sardar.

Today, Arvind is no longer a resident here and as a result - and after some considerable

down time - we have now re-designed and re-launched the site and

taken over the reigns as administrators.

The original site was successful in attracting a considerable number of

members - not all of whom were actual Riverstone residents - whose contributions helped

to bond a growing community. We therefore invite you to register and hope that you too will find the

time to contribute and help re-establish this site as a useful resource for local residents.

By signing up as members you commit to nothing, but by contributing

to this new forum you will be able to voice your opinions, discover more about Riverstone

and your fellow neighbours, make new friends, post notices, offer advice or recommendations

and generally chat, gossip and whinge about life - not only in Riverstone but

also in the surrounding region as a whole.

So why not sign up now? It’s free, friendly and fun!

To get started, click on the Forum tab above.

We look forward to seeing you online.

Richard Laing & Lynda Beckham